International Distributors needed for South American and Asian Countries.  We currently do not need reps in UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark.


 COMPANY PROFILE: Black Lagoon Products is a privatley owned latex rubber manufacturer based in East Tennessee USA.  With the exception of our base raw material, Natural Latex Rubber which we purchase from a company in Ohio, we manufacturer, package and distribute all of our Darkfin products.  After introducing Darkfin webbed Power Gloves in 2009 Darkfin became an overnight internet success around the world and has become “must have” equipment in nearly every category of water sports. In addition, Darkfin power gloves are becoming evermore popular with Rescue divers, Parapalegic divers, swimmers, Life guards, Navy Seals and other government rescue and recovery groups and agencies. This amazing product has been tested again and again by Professionals and novice and has proven to be the most effective, comfortable, durable webbed glove ever designed.  In 2010, after being inundated with requests for a glove with the same  unique properties but without the webbing, we developed “BLACK O.P.S.” (omni-purpose-sport) Gloves. This glove is currently being used in water sports including water sking, wind surfing, SUP (stand up paddle boards) and fishing. It has also proven to be an outstanding utility glove for everything from gardening to mechanic's.  In 2011, Black Lagoon introduced the “first ever” all rubber Bootee. Our Bootee's have caught fire! On a daily basis we are still learning of new uses for this fantastic footwear. Our internet sales of Darkfin Bootee's has continued to double each month since it's introductiuon.  As an added bonus, all of our Darkfin products are made from a natural latex rubber which is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on earth.   

OUR MISSION: Black Lagoon Products, manufacturers of “Darkfin” the most unique line of natural latex rubber Gloves and Bootee's in the world. Our goal is to introduce the Darkfin line of rubber products and apparel to the retail Sports industry around the Globe.

For a wholesale pricing sheet please contact . Along with your email please provide some background info about you or your company.


We are currently looking for Online Retail Distributors. At this time our packaging is not retail store ready, so only inquire if you sell via a website or Amazon or other online retailer in your country.