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  1. Darkfin Glove

    Darkfin Gloves

    Darkfin gloves are the most advanced webbed propulsion glove on the planet! With 12 sizes to choose from and the new contoured shape Darkfin gloves fit great with a grip that can't be beat!


    Sizing Charts

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  2. Silicone Spray

    Silicone Spray


    Black Lagoon Products NEW silicone lubricant spray works great when used as an anti-friction aid to help apply Darkfin rubber products and wet suits Learn More
  3. Heavy Duty Bootee

    Heavy Duty Bootee


    A triple dip process makes the Heavy Duty Bootee thicker and more durable the standard Darkfin Bootee. Better for colder weather too! Learn More
  4. Dark Archer Tactical Archery Glove

    Dark Archer Tactical Archery Glove


    For traditional style archery and "tactical combat". Lightweight, won't absorb moisture when wet, outstanding grip. Learn More
  5. Adjustable Wrist Strap

    Adjustable Wrist Strap


    Adjustable Nylon Wrist Strap. Helps keep water from coming in the cuff Learn More
  6. Thermalfin exploded view

    Darkfin ThermalFins


    Finally the arrival of Thermalfins by Darkfin! Our multi-layered process and longer extended cuff help give increased thermal protection. For more info click on the thumbnail image. All sizes run the same as the original Darkfin Gloves. *For best fit choose the size larger or above the one the sizing chart suggest for the original Darkfin Gloves. Click to see the sizing charts

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  7. Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees

    Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees


    Made from the same outstanding material as Darkfin Gloves, this innovative new “Split-Toe Bootee” is unlike any footwear ever designed. Great for Surfers, Divers, Kayakers and anyone else who enjoys watersports or just being practically barefoot out in nature. Learn More
  8. BLACK O.P.S.

    BLACK O.P.S.


    Black Lagoon Products is proud to Introduce BLACK O.P.S. (Omni-Purpose-Sport Gloves).


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  9. Black O.P.S-HD [Heavy Duty]

    Black O.P.S- HD [Heavy Duty]


    Black O.P.S (Omni-Purpose-Sport) HD [Heavy Duty] Gloves for the toughest jobs in colder conditions!



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  10. Black O.P.S HD Fingerless

    Black O.P.S HD Fingerless


    Black O.P.S (Omni-Purpose-Sport) HD [Heavy Duty] Fingerless Gloves for tough jobs when fingertip dexterity is a must! Also great for Boxing, Martial Arts, and MMA Training!



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  11. Tan Skinfins

    Tan Skinfins


    Introducing the new TAN Darkfin!


    Sizing Charts

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  12. T-Shirts



    Out of stock

    Wear your favorite Darkfin apparel! Learn More
  13. Bandits Industrial Strength Rubber Bands

    Bandits Industrial Strength Rubber Bands

    Bandit's Industrial Strength Rubber Bands Learn More
  14. Cord Cobra

    Cord Cobra


    Cord Cobra, never have your cords come undone again! Learn More
  15. Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate

    Out of stock

    Want to buy something for friends or family, but don't know what size they need? Get a Gift Certificate and take the guesswork out of it! Learn More

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